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To illustrate some of what TSSB is capable of doing, we have generated historical research reports and offer them at reasonable rates to further the development of TSSB. We have no axes to grind and no investments to promote, so our reports tell it like it is. This is unusual. In many research fields, especially investment research, only good results are published while blind-alley research is kept hidden in a drawer. This is a veiled form of selection bias and explains why many research findings do not replicate in real-world application.

What are the best momentum indicators?

Are Wavelets Useful?

Is the Put/Call Ratio Predictive?

Is Follow Thru Index an alterative to ADX?

Selected Research Reports will soon be available for sale on this page, and we will make new reports available over time based on market demand, so check back soon and often!

We can even customize reports based on your own needs, questions, and input parameters. Please send an email or visit our Contact page to obtain details and pricing.